Join Our Community

Nexus Co-Work is more than having a space to work from; it is becoming part of a community of visionaries who are re-defining the entrepreneurship space.

Nexus Co-Work is a community designed co-working space that has been intentionally designed and run to inspire entrepreneurs to build and work on what matters to them, as we handle the rest.

1.Everything you need in a workspace

Nexus Co-Work has a unique vibe of its own. A vibrant and colourful space that’s edgy yet functional, positive but not distracting, with a strong sense of community, support and encouragement.

2. A dynamic and exciting network of entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Join our diverse community of high-growth and impactful start-ups in Fintech, Agritech, Talent, Education, Health and Capacity Building. A community that will challenge you to grow and evolve, the connections you make at Nexus will be invaluable. 


3. Engaging events, workshops and meet-ups.

Events and Workshops are an essential part of our value offering and community experience. From thought-leader panels and workshops that enhance your knowledge and build capacity, or our in-house member meet-ups that allow you to nurture a strong team culture,  relax and share your experiences.  There is always something exciting happening at the space. 

4. Advisory and Mentorship Programs

We strive to provide access to Advisory services and Mentorship programs through professionals and partners who share the passion for supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem. 


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